Aleksandar Vacić

Ti neki momenti, koji vrede.


Ponedeljak, jutro. Još nije završeno finale Roland Garrosa 2012, nastavlja se u 13h, ako ne bude kiše. Međutim, jednu stvar treba zabeležiti (komentar je sa RG sajta).

I wish this comment could be liked by millions as it needs to be highlighted. The gesture in the second set when Djokovic conceded a point when the rules say it should have been replayed ( a Nole shot was called out when it was in fact in, although Rafa hit the next shot for a winner) was a bigger deal than winning four majors in a row or 7 FO’s. It was a display of sportsmanship that every child in the world should be shown, it was brilliant and shows what an amazing man he is, I would not have conceded that point, and 99% of people I’m sure would not have done. I do want Rafa to win as he is my favourite player, but Djokovic is all class, a gentleman, and a better man than I’ll ever be and a true inspiration. If only footballers could display such class instead of always trying to cheat the referee. Novak Djokovic - a champion in every sense of the word.

(Gary Roy · Birmingham UK)

Novak je najbolje što Srbija u ovom momentu ima, što svet priznaje i prepoznaje.